HR Transformation : We are passionate for continuous growth with changing technology.

Change is inevitable and organisations need to re-invent themselves to adapt with the disruptive technologies so lets guide you! Whether you call us “subject matter experts,” “innovators,” or “process evangelist,” we invite you to get to know how our people and our passion drive your HR transformation with SAP SuccessFactors standard Launch methodology which involves:




Understanding Strategic Goals and HR Processes


Aligning Best Practices with Existing Processes & Roles


Orchestrating the Processes, Roles & Best Practices with an Integrated HR Software

Key Characteristics of Implementation Approach

  • Start with Best Practices – Leverage Best Practices
  • Pre-assembly and cloud ready – Rapidly build solution
    environment in the cloud based on the Best Practices to
    accelerate validation activities
  • Validate Solution – Guide customer through the standard functionality in show-and-tell sessions; identify and validate
    delta requirements and gaps; design solution that minimises modifications to standard and enables faster innovation
  • Agile build - Use iterative build of capabilities, prototyping and frequent validation of the results with business users to ease adoption and release solutions to business faster
  • Quality Built-In - Format risk and quality management with structured quality management plan and pre-defined Q-Gates
    are built into the project the start

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